The water level as of this date (8/21/18) is 400.94 or 2.16 low.  The dog days of summer are a thing of the past as September arrives. Fall patterns start as soon as the water temps start to fall.  Shad start to pile up in frount of the creeks.  Most fish this time of the year [August] are feeding early and at night.  During the day they are famous for suspending.  I would like to give you some use full info on two things.. Structure and Cover.  They are not the same.  Structure can be deep road beds, drop offs, creek channel bends, deep trees on a drop off.  Cover to me is a dock, brush piles, bridges, lilly pads.  In September I look for both of these in the same area.  If you can find a tree in 25ft of water next to a shallow point or next to a creek that is 12 or 15 ft, you could find the mother load.  They love to suspend in areas like this.  A crank bait or any bait you have confidence in that can be worked threw this tree can bring big results.  Alot of the big fish caught in the big tournaments are in these areas because of pressure. 

 Crappie are on the brush piles but will be moving to deeper piles and and will soon move to the deep points and deep piles..22 to 25 ft.  Bobby Garland plastics on a 1/16 ounce jig works great.  Color does not seem to matter.

 Sand Bass are starting to show up also.  These fish are schooled up on the road beds and main lake points on main lake humps. They are a blast to catch and an easy way to get a fish fry started.


If you are planning a Corporate trip, now is the time to book.  It takes some time to get other guides and motel accommodations arranged.   We can handle groups up to 50 and more with proper notice.  We do have reference's available upon request.   What a better way to thank your customers or your employees for their business and help.  

Please feel free to call me for any additional info you may need at 1-903-570-6715.  These tips will also work on the Lakes in your areas.  Thanks for your interest in Lake Fork Guide Service